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Community Champions Challenge

This is a really simple idea, designed specifically to make it easy for small businesses to get involved in supporting local community projects, helping the most disadvantaged local people who are battling awful odds. With minimal commitment, the key to this challenge is collaboration.

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Our Challenge

Most small businesses are not cash-rich and the priority is generating income, rather than giving it away. That’s understandable, but there are some tangible benefits to be had from including elements of philanthropy in your business plan, so our challenge was to think up a way to make supporting local projects accessible for the hundreds of small businesses in Nottinghamshire, whilst yielding some worthwhile business benefits, and raising usable sums for the charitable projects we fund. We hope this is the answer…

you can help

Your Challenge (should you choose to accept it)

We want small businesses (or individuals) to send us a pledge to raise £100 in the next year. Not much. Possibly a couple of small events such as a coffee morning, a bake sale, children’s tea party, perhaps, or a small fun run. Easy. Not much of a challenge, you might say. Aha! Read on..

The challenge part is that we also want you to use your business network, and/or family and friends, to find nine partners who will pledge to match your commitment. This will raise £1,000 per team of partners. Or you could try five partners raising £200 each, or twenty raising £50 each.. or whatever configuration that works for you and will get your team to £1,000!

It’s a really useful way to build relationships and £1,000 is a usable amount of money that will go a long way to meeting the needs of many of the projects we support, giving a lot of people a hand up out of their difficulties.

Your Benefits

We came up with quite a few benefits to help your business justification for getting involved in our Challenge. So many that they warranted a page all on their own! Click here.

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How Do I Get Involved?


1. Send a Pledge

We ask that you send us an informal pledge for the amount that you wish to raise just from your organisation, ie – £50, £100, £200, etc. You can send your pledge by dropping us an email to info@theopportunitiesfund.org. This is to help us with planning, but if for some unforeseen reason you are unable to honour your pledge, don’t worry. This is not a legal contract.

2. Make a Partnership Plan

Who are you going to invite to match your pledge? Make a shortlist, and tell them (preferably in person) what you’re doing and that you are looking for partners. Ask them if they could join you.

3. Set Some Goals

Brainstorm some fundraising ideas (a quick Google should help with that; other search engines are available), plan when you’re going to hold events, think about what resources you’ll need, and so on. If you have employees, you could delegate this as a project for them to manage.

You may want to consider some joint fundraising with your team of partners, or perhaps make a competition of it and see who can raise the most!

4. Send us your money!

We would like to receive your donations for 2015 before mid-November, please. The timing is linked to Giving Tuesday 2015, which is in early December.

This high-profile, global event will provide a strong platform for promoting everyone who has participated in our campaign.

You can find out about #GivingTuesdayUK here.

Don’t worry if you can’t achieve that deadline.. There’s always next year!

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If you have decided you would like to do this.. even if you haven’t yet decided who might be on your team.. please drop us a line so we can get involved in supporting you. You can write to us here.

Can’t wait to hear from you!