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Community Champions Benefits

It goes without saying that the biggest benefits in supporting us are for the people whose lives will be directly affected by your generosity, but to help you with a business justification, here are our thoughts on how you may benefit…


We will promote your support through PR, social media and here on our website. Every contributor in your team will get a special mention (or several!).

Brand Enhancement

Be seen as ethical, trustworthy and caring.

Champions Logo

As the lead in your team, to help with your brand enhancement, we will give you a smart logo that you can use as a badge in your email signatures, on your website and on your letterheads that marks you out as a special supporter.. a Community Champion, no less!


Competitive Edge

Every little thing you can do to separate you from your competition and make it easier for your prospective customers to choose you is going to impact your bottom line. You can win more business when prospects see you as a ‘good egg’. As well as the respect you will deserve, the subliminal message you are conveying is that your caring attitude will also translate into your attitudes to customer care, and most people see that as a very precious and rare commodity.


Working towards a common goal with partners you want to get close to can only help to strengthen relationships.

Staff Motivation

If you have employees, get them involved. Organise teams. Have fun! Planning and implementing fundraising events can be a great team-builder, helps with planning skills and looks good on the CV.

Tax Advantages

Your finance consultant would have to confirm how this applies to you, but charitable donations may be offset against tax liabilities.

Reap as you Sow

All the top business gurus teach that helping others is good karma and helps you. If they all say it, it must be true!

Moral Satisfaction

Being a good role model changes society for the better.