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What we do

The Opportunities Fund is a registered charity, funding local community projects through other charities, directly and in partnership with caring businesses and individuals.

For Charities…

Our passion is to see disadvantaged people in Nottinghamshire helped to overcome the barriers that keep them in the margins of society, so we seek out charities delivering community-based projects that aim to tackle social exclusion.

We have financed many projects directly ourselves, spending over £126,000 since 2012, but in order to make this sustainable, we also search out donors from the business community and individuals who have an interest in developing this area.

By working with The Opportunities Fund, we can serve the corporate fundraising function for you, and, as our administration processes are very simple, there is no requirement for complex bid-writing skills. Our project proposal forms are very simple and straight forward, and we manage our relationships with charities predominantly face to face.

For Businesses & Philanthropists…

Our vision is to partner with businesses and philanthropists who share our passion to see a more socially inclusive and prosperous county by helping disadvantaged, marginalised people to break through the barriers that conspire to keep them on the edges of society. By supporting and encouraging them to achieve their aspirations through delivering projects to improve confidence, communication and other skills, we can help with improving employability and quality of life.

We take on responsibility for monitoring progress and reporting on outcomes from the projects, arranging for any site visits to the project you may wish to make (subject to safeguarding provisions for vulnerable participants), and we will provide marketing opportunities across a number of different platforms.

Working with local charities offering exciting, creative and highly beneficial projects as a platform for helping people to overcome their issues, we can also help you to build the ‘ethical’, ‘caring’ and ‘trustworthy’ elements of your brand, which can, of course, contribute to your competitive advantage.

In addition, as well as enhancing corporate reputation, your support for local community projects aligns with government direction, with Social Impact Bonds and Development Bonds, for example, and can help to offset your tax liabilities.

Why the need for an intermediary?

Charities – especially non-mainstream charities – often run on a skeleton basis to maximise available funds, and struggle with finding resources to do corporate fundraising or to write complex bids for traditional grants.

On the business side of the coin, many would like to make a difference, but finding the impetus to make a start can be daunting.

That’s where The Opportunities Fund comes in, looking for projects that match the values and interests of prospective donors, monitoring what’s going on, and feeding back outcomes at the end of the project.