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Q. How can I donate to The Opportunities Fund?

A. If you contact us here we can arrange for a donation to be made to suit your requirements.

If, however, you wish to make an individual donation to our general funds, you can do so from our ‘Donate’ page through our Virgin Money Giving site.

Q. Can I donate online?

A. If you would like to make a general donation to the work of The Opportunities Fund, please follow the link on our ‘Donate’ page to take you to our Virgin Money Giving site.

Q. I am a charity, so how do I apply for a grant?

A. The Opportunities Fund doesn’t operate like traditional grant-giving trusts. We prefer to operate face-to-face and come to see you in the first instance, to discuss your project ideas. If you feel you have an exciting project to tell us about that fits in with tackling social exclusion in Nottinghamshire, then please contact us here.

Q. Can anyone apply for a grant?

A. We only give grants to eligible registered charities.

Q. Which charities are eligible for support by The Opportunities Fund?

A. We find it easier to say which causes are excluded from our grant giving activity.
Our exclusions are:

• Individual recipients
• Internet charities who require online grant giving
• Private benefit
• Animal charities
• Medical research charities
• Applications will not be considered for political or lobbying purposes

Q. Do you arrange volunteering opportunities?

A. The projects that we support with our grant giving may include volunteering run directly by the charity, but we do not arrange projects that are purely volunteering.

Q. We are a charity and would like a grant to cover our core costs or fund our core services. Will this meet your criteria?

A. The Opportunities Fund offers grants to cover specific projects implemented by charities in Nottinghamshire. These projects must have plans which include transparent costs to implement the project. Those project costs can include core costs, or service costs, as long as it is clear that the costs are necessary to deliver the project.

Q: What are your specific objectives?

A. Our objectives are:

• Increase social inclusion by helping those in marginalised groups to participate in communities:
• Improve practical and life skills for young people and adults with complex problems affecting their lives
• Improve employability
• Increase motivation for education, job and volunteering opportunities for
• young people and adults who face barriers to their expectations

Q: What groups of people do you support?

A. We support projects that aim to help marginalised groups of people, for example:

• Young people and families with identifiable needs (e.g. disabilities, low income, educational needs, etc)
• People with learning disabilities, or with autistic spectrum disorders
• Victims of abuse and domestic violence
• The homeless
• People with an addiction
• Older people in isolation
• Ex-offenders
• Refugees

Q. Which charities have been supported by The Opportunities Fund?

A. The projects that have been supported either directly by The Opportunities Fund or through corporate donors are described here.